Eye.D. Eyewear in Durango, CO knows that the number of options, brands, eyeglass frames, and lens designs today can get fairly complicated to the layman. The difference in how we see through new digital progressive lenses could be compared with how we experience old TV technology versus new HD technology.

When it comes to progressive lenses, the design and how they are manufactured today is very different from traditional progressive lenses.  Old progressive lens technology only offered a handful of lens curve and design options because each pair was created from a mold. Today, digital lenses are designed specifically to suit the needs of the individual wearing them.  These custom eyeglass frames and lenses take into account into account the eyeglass prescription and measurements; as well as the frame’s shape, curvature, and tilt.

The effect that eyeglass frames’ shape has on how an individual sees through the lenses can be compared to a magnifying glass. Holding a magnifying glass and moving it slightly closer and further away from an object, or tilting it a little from side to side, changes the how the object appears under the magnifying glass.  The shape of the eyeglass frames has a similar effect can on how we see through a lens.


Digital, free-form lenses compensate the eyeglass prescription to eliminate distortions and optimize the prescription. Today, the machines that are used to surface the eyeglass prescription into the lenses use advanced technology to enhance accuracy. They grind the prescription on the back surface of the lens (the surface facing the eye) instead of the front.  This method brings the window that people see through closer to the eye, giving a wider field of vision for the person wearing them.  This is similar to looking through a keyhole, where the closer someone is to the hole, the wider field of vision they have. The result of this advanced and improved method is much sharper vision, less eyestrain, wider areas of clear vision, and less peripheral distortion.

Eye.D. Eyewear in Durango, CO offers top-of-the-line digital progressive prescription eyeglasses, and can help you select lenses that are designed to optimize the distances most important for your work or hobbies. We have a wide range of progressive lenses for everyday tasks and hobbies.  These uses include computers, general office work, golfing and, of course, general purposes. The more specific the lenses are, the better they will perform a certain task, just like most other tools or gear.

We look forward to helping you look and see your best!

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